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This is going to be the last series of this article from ecmag.com’s website. We really wanted everyone to know about some of the great energy efficient products that are out there. We can help you with your Project!

The 8500 ION can also be used to sub-bill tenants or allocate electricity costs to individual buildings or departments. In addition, the equipment can be used to verify monthly utility bills and ensure compliance with power quality standards–management can perform “what if?” scenarios based on alternative rate structures.

For extensive monitoring of three-phase industrial, commercial, and utility power systems, including waveform recording for disturbance analysis, GE offers the Power Quality Meter (PQM), a digital three-phase power meter with remote capabilities. PQM can operate alone or communicate with the GE Power Management Control System software. The unit provides continuous metering of current, voltage, real and reactive power, energy use, cost of power, power factor, and frequency for feeders, transformers, capacitor banks, motors, and generators. Other features include harmonic analysis, event recorder, waveform capture, data logger, triggered trace memory, dual RS485 ports and single RS232 port.

ACR Systems Inc.’s PowerWatch is a stand-alone voltage disturbance recorder that will detect and record surges, sags, impulses, outages, and frequency variations. Plugged into any 120-volt outlet, it features an optical alarm indicating that events have occurred, and a 4,000-event memory. The software displays information graphically or in list format. Data can be downloaded to your PC using the supplied LIC-1-1 interface cable. The device has default threshold settings in three categories: hot to neutral, neutral to ground, and frequency. Users can modify these settings.

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