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In our last post we were discussing surveying power quality options. This is a continuation of that last post.

In the years since the Electrical Power Research Institute’s survey, there has been a huge increase in the use of switchable power supplies for personal computers, Internet servers, and other computer technology has seen a dramatic increase. Variable speed drives in manufacturing facilities, varistors, and rectification circuits to supply electronic loads, step motors, and similar devices, all of which can create a fair amount of “dirt” in a power system, have seen similar increases. Along with equipment such as arc furnaces for steel plants, these devices affect the quality of power received by others.

A facility that requires clean power to avoid disruptions to its processes (such as a plant making semi-conductors) might experience a fleeting, possibly harmful dimming of power when a neighbor (such as a steel mill or furnace) turns on a particular load. A major auto plant that manufactures axles recently determined that a 1/10 of a second (six-cycle) disturbance would cost the company about half a million dollars because major loads have to be reset and restarted, causing a loss of about an hour in production. The price of the power quality equipment to test for and protect against sags and swells, harmonic distortion, line noise, and high-energy transients spurred by lightning-induced surges and power company switching that can destroy electronic components instantly, can, for some industries, start to seem modest by comparison.

We are going to continue this article we read on ecmag.com’s website in another post at a later time. We find this subject very interesting as we are electricians inRiversideand can help you with all of your energy saving needs. Call Riverside Electrical and we can work on a project for you!