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Once results of monitoring are in, attention can shift to protection products like transient voltage-surge suppressors (TVSS), uninterrupted power supplies (UPSs), and other equipment appropriate to mitigate the conditions found. (You may also need to derate the transformers, or add additional transformers, change breaker settings, or size.) After you install equipment such as TVSS, breakers, UPSs, harmonics filters, or capacitor banks, your clients could still benefit from continuous monitoring of the power system to ensure new equipment is responding up to its specifications and doesn’t harm the overall system.

Monitoring Equipment

The Fluke 43 Power Quality Analyzer is a portable troubleshooting tool that can be quickly connected to display voltage and current waveforms or harmonics spectrums. These functions enable the troubleshooter to track sources of voltage distortion. It can track single-cycle sags and swells, and it can capture and timestamp 40 transients less than one microsecond long. The Fluke 43 performs all the standard measurements that a scope or meter can perform, including resistance, capacity, and peak voltage. It lets a contractor provide basic power quality service without tying up a three-phase analyzer.

The Amprobe Data Logger/Recorder DM-II is a self-contained, portable single- or three-phase power/energy data logger that measures and records single (two-wire or three-wire) or three-phase (three-wire DELTA or four-wire WYE). Power measurements include watts, var hours, volt ampere and power factors (PF); energy measurement includes kilowatt-hours and demand in kilowatts. All set-up information and recorded data can be viewed on the large LCD screen, which has a backlight. The unit comes with current transducers, voltage-test leads, and software for downloading recorded data to a personal computer.

Dranetz-BMI’s Power Platform 4300 is a hand-held three-phase meter and analyzer used for power quality troubleshooting and monitoring of harmonic susceptibility and energy management. The company’s best-selling instrument, it can be set up to perform preconfigured tasks by inserting PCMCIA modules to perform various tasks, including measuring, recording, and analyzing up to 16 power and power quality parameters.

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