Are your appliances running safely? This is a question that the team at Riverside Electrical wants you to answer because they care about your home electrical saftey. Riverside Electrical would be happy to install a dedicated circuit in Lake Elsinore or any other Riverside city. They are very knowlegable about dedicated circuits in Lake Elsinore. Having all your electrical appliances in good working order is highly important since you can prevent fires! If you dont know how to check if your appliances are safe, there is an easy, at home check that you can do.

Try making toast. Why? If using your toaster makes you trip a breaker, this is a sure sign that your circuit breaker is overloaded or you have electrical shorts. What do these terms mean?

An overloaded circuit breaker means there are too many appliances plugged into an electrical circuit. This can cause the wiring to reach heat levels that are too high, due to pulling more electricity through the circuit than its designed to hold. At this point, there is a risk for a fire. At this point, the circuit breaker is made to trip, shutting everything of, in order to prevent fire. It is helpful to install a dedicated circuit in this case, since it ensures enough power is available so that appliances can operate safely, without overloading the system. For all your dedicated circuit installations, call Riverside Electrical and get a professional job done! They serve all of the Riverside areas, including Lake Elsinore.

An electrical short occurs when a breaker is tripped, due to old and worn out appliances. Common causes of electrical shorts in the home include faulty wiring, rodents or other animals chewing through your wires or aging wiring in older homes. Finding the problem and fixing it is extremely important.