Most people tend to think that electrical wires, boxes, cables, and the like only exist above ground. They likely draw such a conclusion from constantly seeing such things as telephone pole lines, electrical switches in their homes, and hanging light fixtures- all above ground. This is far from the truth however! Maybe even right now you are standing above a bundle of underground electrical wires! The Riverside Electrical team in Riverside will work on and improve your underground electrical work, commercial or residential.

While underground electrical work does not have the same threat from wind and debris-blown damage, they are more susceptible to water intrusion and local flood damage. These problems can make repairs more time consuming and costly. Such problems however, are fewer and farther in between than having to deal with overhead electrical damage. Compared to undergroud facility damage, overhead facility damage is easier to locate and typically can be repaired quicker.

To illustrate: post hurricane, areas that took the longest to repair tended to be those served by underground facilities, which were still flooded days after the storm passed. Water damage and corrosion of underground electrical systems usually show up later than sooner, sometimes days or even months later. This causes additional outages and inconvenience to customers. Winds produced during a storm can result in outages in both facilities.

Overhead systems face threats from such things as tree branches falling on them or debris blowing into lines or animals chewing. An underground system could have an outage from a tree toppling onto an above-ground transformer and switch boxes or from tree root systems uprooting buried cable when trees topple. Also, we can forget that underground electrical systems eventually connect with above ground systems and vice versa. So if one is damaged, then the other could very well follow suit.