Give Riverside Electrical, your Wildomar electrical contractor, a call. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have in the Wildomar area, troubleshoot an elem or bid an up-coming project for you as your Wildomar electrical contractor. As you will see as you look through our newly-developed website, we have good experience in and are able to handle a variety of work in the electrical field. But the reason that the majority of our customers, some of whom we have had for over 20 years, call us back is because we answer the phone in person and provide the professional, satisfying help that people are looking for. Rarely will you get a recording when you call and if you do, we always respond quickly to the message that you, our much appreciated customer, will leave for us.

What exactly does an electrical contractor do?” you may ask. Whether its in Wildomar, or clear across to Fallbrook and Rainbow, we treat all our customers with the same conscientious care. According to a well known online search engine, an electrical contractor is a business person or company that works in a special construction capacity pertaining to the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems.

An electrical contractor is not the same as an electrician. While they both are used for the same purpose and work in the same field, an electrician is an individual who works for himself. An electrical contractor on the other hand is a buisness person or a large company that hires electricians. Both must abide by the law, requiring that they hold specific liscences and insurances for saftey. This is in order to protect those employed as well as the customer from insurance liabilities. These requirements of coarse vary from state to state. Give us a call or email if you have any questions regarding our qualifications.