Riverside Electrical is your Mira Loma Electrician! There are many commercial and industrial businesses in Mira Loma making Riverside Electrical your Mira Loma electrician for all of your electrical needs. Riverside Electrical does not only serve the city of Riverside but also Riverside County, the lower desert, and the higher desert. If you are in any of these areas please give Riverside Electrical a call! We would be happy to answer any of your electrical questions.

One important commercial and industrial electrical service that Riverside Electrical provides is our Lighting Control Service and Installation. This service is great because no one likes their lights to be on when they do not need to be on. The technology Riverside Electrical uses allows virtually any light or group of lights to be controlled from almost anywhere and using something as simple as your smartphone to do it. We also install simpler lighting controls. This includes photo-cell controls, time clocks, switches, and programmable controllers.

Riverside Electrical is your Mira Loma Electrician providing you with the most up to date electrical services. We always strive to give you an electrical service with the latest technology. Our Lighting Control Service is available to be installed with the latest technology or simpler, easy to use technology. The choice is yours! Whatever it is that you want, Riverside Electrical will work with you. We will also explain in depth what we think will be needed for you.

If you have an electrical need that is not listed, please do not hesitate to call and ask about it. Call Riverside Electrical at (951) 785-9531.

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