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We want to be your Chino Electrician. Riverside Electrical has over 25 years experience. Let us provide you with service you deserve. Looking for a reliable electrician? Look no further! Riverside Electrical can help with your electrical needs. We service residential homes. We also service commercial buildings.

Prevention is always better than repair. Prevention is also much cheaper in the long run. Many problems can be stopped before they get started. How can we prevent future electrical scares? By simply doing a regular inspection of your equipment. Are inspections really necessary? Periodic inspections are the best way to prevent electrical problems. It’s extremely important to inspect pieces that carry a critical electrical load. Pieces that carry heavy loads are also at risk of issues. Riverside Electrical’s new infrared camera can see problems long before a failure occurs.

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What is an infrared camera? This is a device used to detect infrared energy. This infrared energy is converted into electronic signal. This signal then processes a thermal image. You are able to see this image via a video monitor. Flir Services Inc. says, “Heat sensed by an infrared camera can be very precisely quantified, or measured.” It’s reassuring when someone can detect our problems. It’s even better when we can see them for ourselves. Riverside Electrical guarantees a thorough inspection. You will definitely not be disappointed with our work!

Riverside Electrical has been working hard since 1989. We are reliable, honest, and qualified. Our customers continue to call us back. We promise to give you satisfying work. We won’t compromise your safety. Short cuts will never be taken. We only offer quality service. If you want professional work, call us today. You will be glad that you did! Call us today at (951) 785-9531. Don’t wait!