Warehouse Lighting

Warehouse lighting

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If you work in a warehouse, you’ll no doubt agree that ample lighting is necessary. If you own a warehouse, you always want to ensure your employees’ safety. Therefore, it is important that we give some thought to the type of warehouse lighting we choose. Some may choose to go with the ever popular flourescent bulbs. However, while there are plenty of options we can choose from, LED lighting is a front runner for many. Why may this be the case? Let’s look at just a few reasons why LED lighting is the best choice for our warehouses.

  • Saves Energy. Energy efficiency is always something to strive for. Without a doubt LED lighting uses less power than any other lighting. With that being a case, you are guaranteed to save money using this option.
  • Lasts Longer. It has been said that LED lights can last up to 10% longer than other options, including flourescent bulbs. This not only saves you money, it also saves you the hassle of the constant maintenance that comes with constant bulb replacement.
  • Cool Temperature. As opposed to many bulbs, LED lighting does not emit heat. Again, this saves you money on cooling costs. Resilient Lighting says, “it’s estimated that facilities can save up to 20% on utilities bills, as high bay LEDs will decrease the need for air conditioning.”
  • Durability. These lights are ultimately damage proof. It can be an extreme hazard to have broken bulbs in a work environment. This is especially the case if bulbs break without our knowledge. LED lighting does not bust easily.

Every day we are flooded with choices. It always makes us feel good when we look back and see that we’ve made the best choice. When it comes to our warehouses, it is clear that LED lighting would be the best choice. They not only create a safer work environment, but they also save us money. Not only is it important to choose good warehouse lighting, but it’s important we choose the best electrician to install it.

Riverside Electrical is the best choice we can make when choosing a company marked by reliability. With over 25 years of experience, they have proven themselves professional. They promise to never compromise your safety, or take any short cuts when it comes to your home. We are responsive, honest, and more than qualified. So if you are looking for warehouse lighting installation, look no further. Riverside Electrical is ready to help you today! Give us a call at (951) 785-9531. We can’t wait to hear from you!