Tenant Improvements

If you are a property manager or even a building owner, you may find that tenant improvements are necessary from time to time. What are tenant improvements? CCIM Institute says it’s, “the customized alterations a building owner makes to rental space as part of a lease agreement, in order to configure the space for the needs of that particular tenant. These include changes to walls, floors, ceilings, and lighting, among others.” These improvements might be on the interior, or exterior. However, when we have to make changes to our electrical sources, we might not be sure where to go. It is important that we choose a reliable company to ensure that our tenants are satisfied. Not only do we want satisfied tenants, but we want them to feel safe. So then, who do we turn to?

Riverside Electricial is without a doubt the best choice. Why can we be so confident in saying that? The numbers speak for themselves. With over 25 years of experience, our customers always leave satisfied. Riverside Electrical knows how to help where it really counts when it comes to tenant improvements. We take the appropriate steps needed to ensure the best work possible.

First, we figure out what is already there that you can use as a tenant. Riverside Electrical does meter upgrades, meter separation, CATV wiring, and matches existing fixtures. Many worry that they will be without power for an extended period of time when their electricity is being worked on. This concern is a legitimate one to have. However, Riverside Electrical makes sure that we keep our customer in business while we get the work done. And when it comes to the work, you may worry that so many steps are involved. We have taken those concerns into consideration and want to ease your work load. In order to keep your project moving forward, we are ready to do the engineering, design (CAD), plans, and get the permit.

Does this seem to good to be true? We can ensure you that it’s not. Riverside Electrical is a responsive, honest, and qualified company that looks forward to working with you. So if you are looking to do some tenant improvements, please look no further. Call Riverside Electrical today!

Tenant improvements

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