Why do you need a generator? We may feel that we live in an area where they are not necessary. Snow and ice storms may be just two reasons that some may feel the need to purchase a generator. However, Southern California doesn’t deal much with severe¬†winter conditions. So then, is it really pertinent that we look into buying a back up generator? If you do not already own one, here are a few reasons that may just change your mind.

  1. Safety. While snow isn’t a usual problem, you may kick yourself when that rare snow storm does show it’s face. And whether it’s snow or strong winds, our power may go out for an unknown period of time. With that being the case, it can be extremely dangerous to not have heat when the weather is bitterly cold. For the safety of our families, it is important to have a backup heat when extreme weather strikes.
  2. Backup Power. While our power may just go out for a few moments, it’s also possible that on rare occasions it could go out for days. With that said, an¬†extra electrical source could give our phone power so that we can communicate with family members. Also, it could give our refrigerators power to prevent food from spoiling. More importantly, eBay brings out, “Individuals with health concerns may also need an available electrical source in the event of a power failure. Oxygen-producing machines or other electrically powered medical equipment can be run short-term with a portable electric generator.”
  3. Businesses. Many homeowners work right from home. Or, some may even run their businesses from home. Having a generator guarantees that we will not lose days of work and pay just because our power went out.

So whether we are looking out for our family’s safety or our home run business, having a generator could benefit you greatly. Riverside Electrical can help to install just the right size generator for your family. Our professional electricians guarantee quality work without overpricing. So what are you waiting for? Give Riverside Electrical a call today and let them help you before it’s too late!!