Tenant Remodels

If we are a homeowner, we always want to be sure that our tenants are comfortable. Along with feeling comfortable, we also want them the house to look nice, and inviting. With all of the house flipping, and remodeling shows on TV nowadays, we might think that we can take care of this ourselves. Main Stream Electrical brings out, “when a commercial building needs repair or improvements, it takes special care and planning to successfully execute these improvements.” So then, we definitely wouldn’t take it upon ourselves to do any tenant remodels. Rather, we would always want to seek a professional’s opinion, and expertise if we want to get these electrical jobs done right. With that said, where can we turn??

Riverside Electrical has the perfect electrician for you! Especially when it comes to tenant remodels, Riverside Electrical knows just how to help when it really counts. Whether you need meter upgrades, meter separation, CATV wiring, or even matching existing fixtures, our experienced electricians will get the job done with amazing skill. We also make sure to keep your thoughts and concerns in mind. We never take it upon ourselves to make changes that would go against your desires. Also, while permits can often be a source of pain, we are ready to do the engineering, CAD plans, and get the permit to keep the project moving forward.

Don’t go with just any ol’ electrician to handle your tenant remodels. Call Riverside Electrical today! Our company has over 25 years of experience in the trade, and looks forward to working with you. Let our trained electricians give you the helping hand you need to make your home look amazing. What are you waiting for? Our friendly front desk staff looks forward to setting you up with an appointment today! Call us at (951) 785-9531 today!

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