LED Parking Lot LightingLED parking lot lighting

Nothing is more important than safety. Safety is key whether you are an employer looking to protect your employees, or if you’re an employee making sure you get to and from your car. Would you believe me if I told you that these two issues could be solved simply by adding LED parking lot lighting? While it might not completely protect you, it sure will help. Let’s talk about the benefits of LED parking lot lighting.

  1. By providing quality, ample lighting, you illuminate the surrounding area. When an area is well lit, it can make it more intimidating for a burglar to approach.
  2. This lighting can be more appealing to the eyes, and also can provide a stronger, brighter light. Would you feel safe in an open parking lot if the lights were constantly flickering? Or, would you feel safe if every other light was burnt out? Of course you wouldn’t. By making sure we update our lights, you have fresh, new, bright lights. Also, LED lights never flicker or buzz when they are going out. Therefore, LED lighting has been proven to be more efficient as well as being of higher quality.
  3. LED bulbs tend to have a longer life span which helps to reduce the need for maintenance. My LED Lighting Guide says, “a metal halide or HPS light source might last 15 to 20 thousand hours; a LED can last upwards of 50 thousand hours.” What a tremendous difference!

While we could go on and on about the benefits of doing a lighting upgrade, these three reasons alone are pretty good. Don’t settle for old, dim, flickering lights for your parking lot. Provide your customers and employees with the best quality lighting. Allow Riverside Electrical to install LED parking lot lighting for you. We guarantee you will not be disappointed with your service, and your employees will not be disappointed with their safety. Don’t wait any longer, give Riverside Electrical a call today!