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Do you live in the wonderful city of Highland? Are you the owner of a warehouse? Or maybe you work in one, and notice that the lighting just doesn’t seem to hack it. Because warehouses are so large, it can be intimidating to think about adding more lighting. If you have sufficient lighting, you may have not considered that the lighting is costing you way more than it could. Since there are so many options, what do you do? Call Riverside Electrical and have them install some wonderful high bay LED lighting. Why chose that type? Let’s consider this.

  • Helps you save money. Because LED lighting saves on power, it is a wonderful choice for your warehouse. Since the quantity of lighting in a warehouse is higher, any chance you can to save money is a good one. LED lighting is cheaper in itself, but Riverside Electrical’s professional electricians can help with timed lighting as well. Timed lighting could save you money by preventing lights from being on when no one is around. Resilient Touch Lighting says, “it’s estimated that facilities can save up to 20% on utilities bills, as high bay LEDs will decrease the need for air conditioning.” So not only do you save money with your lighting, but also your AC costs plummet as well!
  • Longer lasting. What benefit would it be to have “money saving” lightbulbs, if they burned out right away. Worry not, LED lighting has been proven to last longer than other types of bulbs.
  • No flickering. There are few things as frustrating as flickering light bulbs. Unlike fluorescent lighting, LED bulbs will never do that to you!

So then, if you are living in Highland, and you are in need of some new lighting in your warehouse, you know who to call! Riverside Electrical’s amazing electricians will be there to help you. Not only are they friendly and knowledgeable, but they will never take advantage of you! So what are you waiting for? Call Riverside Electrical today!


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