Moreno Valley Electrician

Do you live in the amazing city of Moreno Valley? Much like all of the areas around you, Moreno Valley is provided with adequate electricity. One of the ways that we receive our electricity, is through electrical poles. However, from time to time we may begin to notice that these poles don’t look as sturdy as they once did. Or, it might be possible that we see some damage or cracks on the poles near us. Due to breakage, wear, wind load, rust, or just being overloaded, many poles have needed replacement. You might be thinking to yourself, what does this have to do with me? Well, consider this….

  • Safety. If we have poles near our home that are damaged, they could cause a problem for our families. Do you have small children living with you? If so, you know how much they love to run around. Wouldn’t we feel a lot safer if we knew that these poles would not be a cause of concern, and that they were properly replaced right away?
  • Shocks. Going along with the first point, broken poles could cause electrical sparking. says, “Your body is a delicate machine. Electric shocks, depending on certain conditions, can be fatal, even at relatively low voltages.” Do we really want to take the chance of getting shocked?

With both of these factors to consider, I’m sure you’d agree that we want only the best to replace our worn electrical poles. If you live in Moreno Valley, you’re in luck! Riverside Electrical services your area, and will provide only the best work for you and your family. So if you notice that poles near your home are a safety hazard, call Riverside Electrical today. The professional, and highly trained electricians look forward to helping you! Call us today!


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