Recessed Lighting

When lighting our homes, what do we look for? Any lights are good as long as they’re bright? You want your lights to be appealing to the eyes? Recessed lighting may be the answer to your lighting needs. Why don’t we start out with what recessed lighting is. Have you ever heard of can or pot lighting? Where you’re from, you may have heard the term “high hats”. These names could all be referring to recessed lighting. This lighting consists of fixtures that are set into the walls or ceilings of your home as opposed to being external.

This brings us back to the original question – why? Why should you as a homeowner go this route? Lumens says, They “are a practical and elegant way to illuminate spaces that might not have been designed or built with enough lighting.” However, not only are they practical, but they’re preferable. Here are a few reasons you should consider stepping out of the box. Space. We all want more space. Therefore, when we opt against external lights, we open up the door for space. Set in lights create the illusion of space and prevents clutter.

  1. Neat and Orderly. When we have too many lights, it looks ridiculous. When we choose can lighting, it not only looks clean, but elegant.
  2. Light. Not only does it provide light, but it is light in weight as well. The benefit of pot lighting is that it does not require being secured to beams or studs.

Consider just those 3 reasons why choosing recessed lighting might be good for you! Looking for more information regarding these “high hats”? Give Riverside Electrical a call today! Our front desk staff and highly trained electricians look forward to hearing from you. We will answer any questions that you may have!


recessed lighting