Unseen or Seen – Which Do You Prefer?

Unseen – this is a concept that indicates that something cannot be seen by the naked eye. We may think of instances such as the wind or sound waves. While we cannot see either of these, we are able to clearly feel/benefit from their effects. However, another way that we can think about the word unseen, is to think of something as hidden.┬áThere are no doubt many instances where this term would be beneficial. However, one way that the word “hidden” is extremely useful, is in regards to our power lines. Why would this be the case? Let’s name a few reasons.

  1. Weather. Living in Southern California, extreme weather isn’t usual something that we contend with. However, this is something that we need to be aware of just in case. Harsh weather such as heavy winds, or even worse, “the big one” that everyone is anticipating, could really cause unsafe situations. If we have power lines existing above our yards or homes, this could present a huge problem if weather were to knock them down.
  2. Aesthetics. Let’s be honest, power lines aren’t the most beautiful objects to look at. It goes without saying that your home would look a lot better without them present. Therefore, having power lines underground would add to the overall appearance of your home.
  3. Safety. Although this could go hand in hand with point 1, this is a bullet point all it’s own. Especially if we have little ones in our homes, the last thing we want to worry about is a live power line that is down.

It goes without saying that each of these points are extremely valid. Don’t let your home lose it’s beauty, and don’t let your family’s safety be in danger. Call the professionals at Riverside Electrical to help you with all of your electrical needs!