Pole Replacement – Who To Call?

Poles are usually something that can be seen just about anywhere. The reality of the world that we live in today, is that we need power for pretty much everything. Whether it comes to our phones, our appliances, or our computers…we need electricity. So, it is often understood the reason for having electrical poles nearby. However, have you ever seen a pole that is down? Or, even more concerning, a pole that is damaged? If so, you’re not alone. But if you’re also wondering who you should call if this were to happen, you’re not alone either. Let’s discuss some reasons why a pole may be down/damaged, and who you should call.

  • Accident. The truth of the matter, is that accidents happen. Since poles are often near the road ways, every so often an accident is connected to a damaged pole.
  • Weather Conditions. Living in the beautiful area of Southern California, we are rarely hit with unfavorable weather conditions. However, rough weather patterns have been known to appear. Whether we are dealing with heavy winds, or the occasional rain, it could have an effect on the condition of the poles.
  • Heavy Load. If you’ve ever really taken the time to look at electrical poles, you’d probably see more wires than we even remember seeing years ago. So, understandably a heavy load could be the cause for a pole that is down.

So if any of these reasons are the cause of a pole down by you, who should you call? Without fail you should call Riverside Electrical. We can do everything in the pole replacement process from getting the structural engineer’s calculations to standing the pole. So if you’ve got a pole down in your neighborhood, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today!