Let There Be LED Light!

“Let there be light!”. This is a common phrase that no doubt most of us have heard. However, while the reality is most of us would like adequate lighting in our home, is any type of lighting good enough? The simple answer is: sometimes. If you are just looking to add a bright light into your home, sure, add whatever you’d like. However, most of us would like something more than that. If you are looking for the best choice when it comes to lighting, the answer is: LED lighting. Why can we be so confident in this? Let’s look at just a few reasons why LED lighting is so much better than it’s competitors.

  • Life span. 1,000 hours of incandescent light may sound like a lot. However, it is nothing compared to the typical 30,000 hours (at least) of light from LED bulbs.
  • Energy Efficient. Of course we all want to save energy. If this is true of you, than you should definitely change over to LED bulbs. It has been said that LED bulbs save at least 50% more energy than it’s competitors.
  • Durable. When we think of glass, we are always worried about just how fragile it is. This can be especially true when it comes to our lightbulbs. But, when it comes to LED bulbs, they aren’t glass at all. So then, the concerns of vibrations and ability to break the lights are slim.

As you are able to see, these are some incredible reasons to choose LED lighting. If you aren’t quite sold, you should give Riverside Electrical a call today. Our front desk staff will quickly set up an appointment with you and one of our highly trained technicians. With many years of experience under their belts, they will be sure to give you all of the information you need to make sure that your home is in the best working electrical order.