Palm Springs Can Light Up Your Life

Palm Springs is an absolute beautiful place. Whether you live in Palm Springs, or you frequent the city for summer visits, you can just sense it’s appeal. If you do happen to live there, you know that the upkeep can be pricey. This can especially be the case if we allow the smaller projects become bigger ones. Let’s discuss a few smaller electrical issues that we can take care of.

  • Outlets. If your outlets have not been upgraded to GFCI outlets, this is something we should definitely look into. GFCI outlets can detect ground faults as well as short circuits. Essentially, GFCI outlets can protect your household and those inside of it. 
  • Get rid of those pesky incandescent lightbulbs. LED lights have come a long way and are definitely worth the look at. Not only do they last longer than incandescent bulbs, but they also save energy. Saving energy means you saving money in the long run.
  • Timers. Since most of us have to work on a day to day basis, our homes are often left alone all day. However, due to safety as well as the timing in which we leave, we may feel more comfortable leaving lights on. While this can make us feel safer, it can cause a huge dip in our wallets. By installing timers we can ensure that the light is on when we need it, but off when we don’t.

These are just 3 simple ways that we can improve our homes. If you are looking to improve your Palm Springs home without paying an arm and a leg, call Riverside Electrical today! We promise you will not be disappointed. Don’t wait for the small projects to become too numerous, get a jump start on these tasks today!