Let’s Generate Some Light – Facts About Generators

Generators may not be the first thing on many homeowners minds, but is it an area that needs more attention? The truth of the matter is that the weather nowadays is often unpredictable. Albeit, here in Southern California the weather is more predictable than most areas in the country. Even still, from time to time we face high winds and some unexpected wind. And, those that are prepared even for the unexpected, find themselves grateful for the seemingly unnecessary areas. One such area would be: generators. What do we need to know about generators?

  • Purpose. Something that each homeowner needs to decide for their family is the purpose of their generator. Is the generator there to supply energy to one appliance and possibly a phone charger should the power go out? Or, are we expecting our generator to juice up a number of appliances?
  • Timing. Depending on the wattage and the size of our tanks, our generators will last a different amount of time. If we are looking for just a short period of time, we would need less wattage and a smaller tank. If we would like our generator to run for 12 hours or so, we would need higher wattage and a larger tank.
  • Fuel. Many residential generators operate on fuel. With that being said, we may need to set up a gas line. Is this something you’re able to accomplish? Liquid propane and diesel fuel are also options when it comes to generators. 

As you can see, these are just 3 bullet points to consider among many. Since electricity is important to us, we wouldn’t want to waste any. So then, make sure to contact the professionals at Riverside Electrical to make sure that you are choosing the right generator for your home.