Electrical Panels – Do You Need to Install or Upgrade?

Electrical panels are an important aspect of each and every home. The truth of the matter is we rely heavily on electricity. Not only do we depend on light and utilities, but we also need electricity for our entertainment and to charge our electronics. But, the truth of the matter is, sometimes our electrical panels become overloaded and just can’t handle it all. Let’s look at some panel facts!

Facts About Electrical Panels

  • A Circuit Trip. Nothing is more frustrating than when we lose power. What can be more annoying is when we trip a circuit and have to flip all the switches back. However, while it can be annoying, the power cutting is a safety precaution. The power is cut which saves your electrical wires and appliances from getting fried.
  • Single vs. Double. Circuit breakers can come in the form of a single pole or a double pole. A single pole is used with 120 volt circuits with 1 hot wire and 1 neutral, while a double pole will be used with 240 volts and 2 hot wires.
  • Function. The whole purpose of a circuit panel is to make sure that the electricity flow is regulated and can move to it’s proper place safely.

The truth of the matter is, electrical panels can come in all different sizes and configurations. And, since all of our homes are different, the perfect panel size will differ from house to house. Therefore, it is imperative that an expert assess our needs and fit our house accordingly. If you are looking to upgrade or install, give Riverside Electrical a call. Our highly trained professionals will be able to set your home up with the perfect sized panel. So don’t get used to power loss, give Riverside Electrical a call today!