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The company also offers Powervisa, a single-phase, plug-in power quality analyzer with built-in printer, well-suited to field service diagnosis of intermittent power problems on data networks, and a variety of other systems. These systems include electronic cash registers, equipment in hospitals and medical labs, and other field locations where single-phase power could be critical. The unit automatically sets its own thresholds and prints reports daily, weekly, or as events happen. After each event, it can offer automated advice on causes and solutions.

Dranetz-BMI also offers the Windows-based DRAN-VIEW 4.0 to access data gathered by the 4300 and PP1, as well as that provided by other power quality instruments. Energy faults can be utility-generated or be the result of onsite errors.

Power Measurement Ltd. produces a line of multifunction digital power meters with capabilities ranging from basic monitoring and revenue-class metering functions to comprehensive tools for control, data logging, and power quality analysis.

Power Measurement’s new revenue-accurate 8500 ION socket-mount meter optimizes energy use and monitors power quality through detailed harmonic distortion measurements, sag/swell detection and analysis, sub-cycle transient detection, digital capture of multifunction waveforms, and hundreds of additional power, energy, and demand measurements.

Collection and analysis of this data, the company points out, can help to reduce energy costs through distributed load shedding, automated peak shaving, and reduced downtime. It can also provide a useful resource when selecting or assessing the services of an energy provider.

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