These are some of the electrical services throughout Riverside, CA that we provide, as is listed on our website. Some of the terms may be a little technical for some people, so we thought you might like some of the terms described in plain english!


  • Tenant Improvements: Electrical wiring, outlets, and horizontal conduit. This includes cable trays and hooks, within the tenant companies’s alotted property and within the buiding’s frame. We provide this as one of the many electrical services throughout Riverside, CA to any commercial or industrial organization within Riverside, California.
  • Electrical and Lighting repairs, maintenance and installations: An example of this would be inserting ceiling lighting, and or fans, into a newly built office builiding with multiple floors. Yes, Riverside Electrical can handle such an electrical  job whether its in Wildomar, Corona, Lake Elsinore, Hemet, Murrieta, Temecula, Winchester, Norco- all Riverside, California areas!
  • Parking lot lighting
  • Underground electrical
  • Electrical panel installation: An electrical panel is also known as a breaker panel, load center, service panel, or breaker box.Installation of this device would involve first mounting the panel, which looks like a metal cuboard. Inside this cuboard is a panel with various tabs and knobs called circuit breakers, which are connected to circuits with wires. These circuits distribute power throughout your home. Riverside Electrical will fix all these wires and connections in the correct order to ensure the electricity in your Riverside, California home is under control and running smoothly.
  • Lighting control service and installation
  • Energy Efficient lighting: Another of the many electrical services throughout Riverside, Ca that we provide. This is highly recommended by our staff as well as any who care about the enviroment and their electricity bills! Never before have such eco-friendly options been available. We will gladly explain the differences in and advantages of LED and CFL lighting.
  • Pole replacement
  • Lighting Repair, Maintenance & Retrofit
  • Service/Repair Motors, Pumps
  • Electrical Panel Conversions & Upgrades
  • Customized Design & Build Electrical
  • Electrical Installations/Hazardous Locations
  • Emergency Generators / UPS Systems: These should be common place in any commercial or industrial organization, whether you live in Temecula, Lake Elsinore, Perris, Rancho Cucomonga, Banning, or any of the Riverside communities. They provide energy for electricity during power outages, ensuring your company continues to run smoothly. Most know what a generator is, but many have not heard of a UPS system. It stands for “Uninterrupted Power Supply”. This differs from an emergency generator in that it offer protection against many of the common faults in power systems. We are here to help you keep any of your generators or UPS systems up to date, since each is only as good as the maintainence put into them.