Riverside Electrical is your Riverside Electrician! We have been doing commercial electrician jobs for over 25 years! Our experience and expertise help diversify us. Our customers are loyal and continue to come back to us because of this. We provide many commercial and industrial services to our clients in the lower desert, high desert, and Riverside county.

Riverside Electrical provides parking lot lighting as a commercial electrical service. Riverside Electrical has a high reaching ladder truck that allows us to be able to reach almost any light fixture or pole to make the repair or install a new one. This is the case with our new LED type fixtures. Your Riverside electrician, Riverside Electrical, can preform a photometric analysis of your current lights and point you in the right direction so you know what your options are. These options include energy efficient lighting, vandall resistant fixtures, and the best way to turn your lights on and off so you save money when it comes to your electric bill.

Riverside Electrical is your Riverside Electrician! We provide the best quality electrical services with honesty and diligence. ¬†Riverside Electrical wants to provide Riverside with the best commercial and industrial electrical services. It is always are goal to figure out how we can best serve our client’s needs.

For any electrical question please do not hesitate to ask us. Please call us at (951) 785-9531 for any electrical service or question. We are happy to answer any electrical question you have. That is why we are your Riverside electrician.

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