Riverside Electrical is your Ontario Electrician! Riverside Electrical has been Ontario Electrician for over 25 years. Call Riverside Electrical today at (951) 785-9531 for any of your commercial electrical questions. Riverside Electrical is always happy to answer the phone. Never be afraid to leave a message if we do not answer. We always return calls as soon as we are able to.

Our experience combined with the latest technology helps us bring to you the best in all of our commercial electrician services. You can always ask us about any of our commercial and industrial electrical services that we have listed. Even if you have a question about an electrical service that is not listed we would be happy to answer your question! Riverside Electrical is your Ontario Electrician. 

Riverside Electrical has many services. One of our services we provide to you, as your Ontario Electrician is Emergency Generators and UPS Systems. Why is this commercial/ industrial electrical service so imperative? Emergency Generators and UPS Systems are great when you need to keep things running during a power outage. Riverside Electrical can install large and small systems in your plant, office, warehouse, computer room, or wherever you want it. Battery back up is good for short-term use on computer and data systems, coupled with dedicated and sometimes isolated circuits for protection. Call Riverside Electrical to find out how we can best serve you.

Call Riverside Electrical at (951) 785-9531 today for any of your electrical questions or to schedule a time with us.

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