Riverside Electrical is your Montclair Electrician! Montclair is one of Riverside Electrical’s favorite places to work in. Riverside Electrical has over 25 years of experience in all many different forms of commercial and industrial electrical services. Riverside Electrical strongly believes in such qualities such as honestly, quality, and efficiency. We take these qualities seriously and strive to attain them with every job we do. Montclair is a special city that we love to preform our electrical services in. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have, troubleshoot an electrical problem or bid an up-coming project for you.

One commercial industrial electrical services that Riverside Electrical provides to Montclair is electrical panel installation and upgrades. Electrical panels come in all different sizes and configurations. Since Riverside Electrical has experience in many different panels, it is our goal to get the right size and type of panel to fit your current and future needs. We install all of the major manufacturer’s panels and hardware or we can even have the panel custom made to fit your application. Whether your electrical panel is small or large, if it is having problems (lights flickering, intermittent power) we can help you know whether you should replace or repair. Sometimes the existing panel can be overloaded with added equipment. We can work with local agencies and utilities as needed to take care of the problem. Call Riverside Electrical today to see how we can take care of your electrical needs. 

Riverside Electrical is your Montclair Electrician!

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