Why look into underground electrical work?

Everywhere we look we see pesky electrical wires. Is overhead electrical work necessary? The quick answer is, No! Riverside Electrical can assist you in underground electrical work. You may wonder though, are there any benefits? Let’s review just a few advantages.

  1. Cleaner look. As was mentioned above, wires are unsightly. By inserting wires underground you eliminate countless wires in your yard. If trees were to fall, the hazard of the wires is eliminated.
  2. Safety. Many of us live in a “farming” area. It may be you or your neighbors that are working to cultivate the land. Frequent use of augers, tall trucks, or farm implements may be used. Underground electrical will prevent any tangling or dangerous interactions with these machines.
  3. Power outages are minimized. EPB mentions, “About a third of all weather-related power outages involve the overhead service line to homes.” It also adds, “underground service is a way to reduce outages without huge expense.” When the power goes out, so does our refrigerator. Loss of money in food alone could cost us a ton. Overall, power outages are a hassle.
  4. Requires a narrower band of land to install. Overhead wiring can take up a lot of space. Installing underground electrical work will eliminate the space that is used. Less space can be especially beneficial if we do not have large yards.

These are just a few reasons underground electrical has the advantage. Riverside Electrical has performed underground electrical work for many years. We have experience in high voltage electrical utility structures. We also have experience in simple conduits. Riverside Electrical has dependable excavation contractors that dig in a safe way so as to not tear up your place.

So what are you waiting for? Call Riverside Electrical today to take care of your underground electrical work! We promise you will not be disappointed. Call now at (951) 785-9531. We can’t wait to hear from you!Riverside Electrical installs underground electrical