Dimming and Lighting Control

Lighting control – is it really necessary? Dimming – do we really need it? Many believe that these options are just an accessory. Yet, many fail to see the real benefits of having them. What are they? Let’s name just a few.

  1. Money and energy saver. Light Logic says, “dimming a halogen bulb by 20%  saves about 18% of the energy costs to operate it.” With that said, it’d be obvious then that you would save money as well. With less light being emitted, less energy is dispensed. With less energy being used, less money is needed to run your lights.
  2. Relaxing. We often don’t realize just how much a bright light can effect us. It has been said that been said that light can often keep us awake at night. With the distractions of our electronics and other devices, the last thing we need is a bright light in our eyes. Dimming the lights can create a more relaxing atmosphere. On top of that, you can even set a timer so that the lights automatically dim at the same time each night. This has the benefit of training your body to relax and fall asleep the same time each night.
  3. Extended battery life. When halogen lighting is dimmed, the bulb’s life can be extended by up to 20 times. This is ultimately an extension of saving money. Because essentially, the longer the bulb lasts, the less time we have to spend at the store buying new bulbs.

So as you can see, dimming and lighting control has it’s definite perks. If your interest is peaked, why not give Riverside Electrical a call. Let our trained electricians answer any questions you may have. Riverside Electrical understands that people do not want their lights on when they do not need to be. We understand the different kinds of lighting control service and installation. Using today’s technology, we can allow virtually any light or group of lights to be controlled from almost anywhere using your smartphone. Let us help you add convenience back into your life, and money back into your wallet. Call Riverside Electrical today! Our friendly staff looks forward to assisting you in any way they can. We can’t wait to hear from you.

dimming and lighting control