Pole Replacement

Would you feel safe if you had a pole leaning in your front yard? Do you have children? Would you be able to let them play freely in the yard if, in fact, there was a leaning pole? Of course not. Therefore, it’s ever so important that we get a pole replacement as soon as possible.

What could be a few reasons we may look into pole replacement? Why don’t we look at just a few.

  • Breakage
  • Wear
  • Wind Load
  • Rust
  • Being Overloaded

Any of these situations could happen over time, or rather quickly depending on the circumstances. However, there’s no reason we should risk waiting to see what could happen if we let enough time pass by with a broken pole. Travel Guide says, “The amount of voltage carried along electricity wires can range from a few thousand volts to over 100,000 volts.” That amount of electricity is not something to ignore. Call Riverside Electrical today and get a professional’s point of view on what needs to be done. Riverside Electrical can do everything in the pole replacement process from getting the structural engineer’s calculations to standing the pole. We will determine everything that you will need including obtaining any permits that may be required by local agencies. We work closely with a few reputable crane companies that can stand a pole of any size, anywhere. We will make sure that it has a working light fixture on it.

Riverside Electrical has over 25 years of experience with not only electrical installments, but also repairing and maintenance. Why risk calling an amateur to do your pole replacement? Call Riverside Electrical today and let us help you the right way. Our professional electricians will guarantee you and your family’s safety. So what are you waiting for? If you need a pole replacement, call Riverside Electrical today!

pole replacement