Is your electrical panel undersized? Often times a home will need additional breakers or circuits but may run into the problem that the electrical panel is undersized. This means the panel doesn’t have enough room to fit those extra breakers and circuits. This means that your home is limited on how many electrical appliances can be installed.

A small electrical panel can lead to big problems. Another problem your home may run into is a small breaker box. If you have a breaker box that is too small, this causes the flow of electricity in your home to diminish caused by too many applicants running through the same circuit. This could lead to even bigger problems such as the circuit breaking completely due to too much flow of electricity.

It is highly suggested to replace a faulty circuit or panel due to these issues that can also lead to a electrical fire. This is inconvenient and a danger to your home.  It can also be dangerous to try and fix these issues on your own without a trained and licensed professional.

Call Riverside Electrical today for a consultation. You may have already run into these issues and need the proper sizes for a electrical panel, breaker, and circuit. If you need a evaluation to see if your home has this already, Riverside Electrical has got you covered on this too.